A flavourful journey in Food and Wine

Dine on a variety of creative dishes, savour a sumptuous breakfast or enjoy a refreshing cocktail and lite bite by the pool or beach.

Food is an important part of hospitality, and it is through food that we show how much we care. In Crete we take great pride, and delight in our culinary heritage. Widely considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, the Cretan diet is also delicious, drawing on centuries of tradition.

At Paralos Kosta Mare we honour our past and respect our future, by creating and serving meals that reflect the timeless true taste of Crete. We consider it a privilege to share the best of our fresh Cretan ingredients with our guests.

Our three restaurants are carefully curated to offer a unique gastronomic experience to every guest with freshly cooked meals created with the best local ingredients.

Delight in delicious fresh meals cooked right in front of your eyes. The variety of innovative menus and the expertly prepared Cretan, Greek and international cuisine will add a flavourful dimension to your journey to Crete.

Every meal we serve is perfect, whether it's finger food at the Pool Bar, or an inspiring dish at one of our restaurants.

Choose from a handpicked selection of wines from Crete and all over Greece to pair your meal and cheers to a great food and wine experience.

Unwind with a refreshing drink and gaze at breathtaking sea views and sunsets at our all day hotel bars.


Kritamos is a Cretan, wild flower-herb that is connected with the Hippocrates' medicine and Ancient Greece DISCOVER


We offer a wide variety of pizza and pasta, as well as other delectable Italian-inspired dishes DISCOVER


Thalassa Pool all day bar is the ultimate expression of our casual luxury approach DISCOVER